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          Park hoped that other nominees will have an opportunity to explain themselves at the confirmation hearing.
          SHANGHAI - A preliminary report said two students from east Chinas Zhejiang province died in a plane crash in San Francisco on Saturday local time.
          The basic medical insurance for unemployed urban residents and rural residents only covers about 50 percent of medical costs, said Tang Jun, a social policy researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
          In addition, they are entitled to establish companies with individual ownership.
          De Blasio, who captured more than 70 percent of the vote last November, presented himself as an anti-Bloomberg candidate, decrying the economic inequality that he said has emerged as New York shed its reputation from the 1970s and 1980s as a gritty and dangerous place.
          His company was one of the worst-hit on Wednesday among the Chinese enterprises operating in Vietnam.
          Vice-President Li Yuanchao hosted a welcoming ceremony at the Great Hall of the People, followed by the meeting with Xi.
          77 percent of Crimean voters chose to join Russia.
          What is your opinion of Chinas efforts to upgrade its manufacturing capabilities and promote innovation? Will Chinas innovation-driven campaign spur the vitality and competitiveness of the economy?A: China has emerged as a manufacturing powerhouse.
          It said the growth was not due to increasing tax burdens on businesses.
          The three boys – one aged 8 and the others 17 – come from different families, but have been living together like siblings in this hole in a wall near the citys railway station for half a year.
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          The deal excludes film distribution activities, and none of the contracts the two parties signed mention the issue of promoting Chinese films in the US market, Wang said.
          As the presidents position weakened rapidly, the deputy chief of the armed forces resigned and opposition deputies in parliament voted to overturn severe anti-terrorist laws enacted by Yanukovichs government this month and ordered security forces back to barracks.
          China always attaches great importance to fairness and sustainability while promoting free trade with the EU, Li said.
          Deals were largely concentrated in Western Europe and the US, with the former attracting half of the deal value due to the deprecating euro.
          [Photo by Zheng Tao/Asianewsphoto] Related:China school attack suspect arrestedSix sacked for mishandling Henan school attackPaper apologizes for school attack insensitivitySuspect in school knife attack feared end of the worldMan who injured 23 children influenced by rumors.
          A Homeland Security official said in a statement the department regularly shares relevant information with domestic and international partners, including those associated with international events such as the Sochi Olympics.
          Through such exchanges, we learn.
          Production of new energy vehicles more than doubled during the first half, due to Beijings favorable policies, says Jia Xinguang, an analyst with China Automotive Industry Consulting and Development Co.
          President Goodluck Jonathan declared three days of national mourning and ordered an investigation into the cause of the crash which jolted residents of Lagos Agege suburb where most live in tin-roofed buildings along unpaved streets.
          Figures showed that average incomes increased by 2,500 yuan annually by selling agricultural goods online, although detailed financial information was not available.
          Park said the organizing committee is still hopeful that a solution will be found for the 2018 Games.
          Beijings local government is encouraging private sector to participate in the construction and operation of snow venues for Winter Olympics, government officials said in a recent news conference.
          Poverty reduction was an important focal point of the CPPCC session this year.
          Operated by the Ottawa-based Telesat company, the satellite will be serving the Americas and the Pacific region with C-band, Ku-band and X-band transponders.
          Hu Qiaojun, left, and Li Pianpian drink wine together during their engagement ceremony at the University of South China, June 6, 2013.
          Last year, in a similar competition in China, a 27-year-old man won a BMW car after he stood with his hand against the vehicle for 87 hours.
          The company was also told to install equipment to reduce the pollutants it emits.
          Young said Kimura, of Kyotango in Kyoto, also is believed to be the second-oldest man in documented history.
          The consignments came from two affected batches of lactoferrin, a naturally occurring milk protein, made by a Westland factory in Hokitika, on the west coast of the South Island, said an MPI statement.
          It also supports China to enact economic policies according to national conditions.
          A day later, the Chongqing No.
          No casualties were reported.
          High levels of warehouse stock were the biggest factor that negatively affected their performance.
          There would have been a time when we look to Britain as our closest trading partner, but theres now a lot of uncertainty there, so were moving forward and looking into other potential markets to come to Galway.
          The militants have vowed to march to Baghdad and the Shiite holy cities of Karbala and Najaf in the worst threat to Iraqs stability since the United States withdrew its troops in 2011.
          A craftsman lays in order embryos of tri-colored glazed potteries for firing at a pottery base in Luoyang, Central Chinas Henan province, Oct 29, 2012.
          The lender mainly attracts deposits from personal consumers and provides financial support to small and micro firms.
          The registration of a livestock cooperative, for instance, involves several reviews and a field investigation to ensure proper sanitation and find out whether the proposed location is suitable for raising livestock.
          Soldiers of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) take part in the rotation ceremony at the Stonecutters Island Naval Base in Hong Kong, South China, Nov 25, 2012.
          Cai had trouble settling in at the school.
          A model at the 55th Housing Fair held in Nantong city, East Chinas Jiangsu province, May 24, 2013.
          The company is a major subsidiary of Fujian-based, publicly listed giant Newland Science and Technology Group, an expert on internet of things and wireless telecommunication technologies.
          The group will fetch the vessel from Christies on June 12 and return on June 14 to Changsha, the capital of Hunan, where the museum is located.
          A 2010 report issued by International Labor Organization and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said people living with HIV/AIDS in China were faced with employment discrimination, such as mandatory testing, denial of job opportunities, forced resignations, and downgrading of job responsibilities.
          Minxian reported the bulk of the casualties, with 86 deaths and five people missing.

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